Safety Incentive Quiz

Please read the Monthly Safety Topic before you take the quiz from the link below. You have one chance to pass the incentive quiz. No need to register, but be sure to enter in the form below your name, email, district, and district site to be entered in the incentive drawings. Good Luck!

Monthly Safety Topic Fire Extinguishers October 2023

Fire Extinguishers

This quiz expires on October 27, 2023.

For the District Name, please use one of the District names below:

Atascadero, Cayucos, Coast, SLOCOE, Cuesta College, Lucia Mar, Paso Robles, Pleasant Valley, San Luis Coastal, San Miguel, Shandon,  or Templeton. Thank you!

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1. The "P" in "PASS" stands for___________.

2. The three elements of a fire triangle are

3. You should always keep an exit or means of escape at your back when trying to fight a fire

4. Do you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is in your work area?

The September Quiz has expired. Please come back for the October Quiz on October 1st.